After 6 yrs of operation, we have closed our doors on Sunday, August 25th,2013  The Loving Hut- a delicious vegan restaurant has opened in our space on September 7th,2013.

Thanks so much to all our volunteers, staff and customers that have supported us over the years. For more information: Like us on Facebook to keep informed of our new intown location coming soon!

We are also working on a cookbook, coming soon..you can request your favorite menu item to appear in the cookbook by an easy click on this website… stay tuned… please visit our Temple in Sandy Springs for meditation classes.  Click here for more information.

The World Peace Cafe was unlike any other restaurant in Atlanta, and we’re not just saying that.  Built with donations and by volunteers, and owned and operated by Kadampa Meditation Center Georgia, all of our profits went to support meditation classes and special events designed to help others find peace of mind.

Most of the people who cooked and served our excellent food were volunteers who believed in the premise that “Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible.” — Ven. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso