In addition to our focus on inner peace, we also recognize that we need to work together to create sustainable, responsible businesses.  To that end, almost our entire menu is organic, and whenever we can, we buy local produce and support other local businesses.  Here are a few examples of how we try to “do our part” every day to help our environment, our community, and our world:

  • Our coffee is more than just green:  Not only is our coffee organic and shade-grown, it comes from a fair trade, family operated coffee plantation.  Not only that, but part of the profits from that coffee plantation are re-invested into the community, helping improve education and other community resources near the Nicaraguan plantation.  To learn more, visit our coffee supplier, JavaVino.
  • Our take-out packaging is biodegradable:  We stay away from styrofoam.  Even our take-out silverware are corn-based, meaning that they will biodegrade and not release yet more plastic into the environment.  And when we clean, we try to use as many non-toxic cleaning supplies as possible while still getting the job done.
  • We support other local businesses:  In addition to getting our coffee from Atlanta-based roaster JavaVino, we buy our desserts from Southern Sweets in Decatur, and most of our weekly groceries from the Dekalb and Buford Farmer’s Markets.  You won’t see big, refrigerated trucks pulling up to the World Peace Cafe providing our week’s supply of ingredients.