Volunteer at the World Peace Cafe Atlanta!

Do Something Good for Your Community:

People volunteer at the World Peace Cafe for a variety of reasons.  Some people are Buddhist, and they volunteer to support the Buddhist community here in Atlanta.  Other people are vegan/vegetarian or care about socially and environmentally responsible business, and they volunteer to support what they feel is an important project.  Still others are just looking for a fun experience, to meet other people, or because they just like volunteering.

Whatever reason you might have to volunteer, we’re ready to help you have a fun, safe, and meaningful volunteer experience.  You can get started today by calling 404-256-2100 or by emailing volunteer@worldpeacecafeatlanta.com

Ever wondered how you could truly give back to your community? The mission of the award-winning World Peace Café is to demonstrate kindness in action, to give …

The Benefits of Volunteering

Buddhist practitioners that the best way to understand Buddha’s teachings is to put them into practice in daily life.  The Cafe provides a friendly, supportive environment to try out Buddha’s teachings on developing a kind heart by:

  • Cherishing others
  • Staying calm and peaceful
  • Learning about patient acceptance

You will find that volunteering at the Cafe naturally starts to bring out these good qualities in yourself and others.